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There are many confusing legal procedures involved with getting a customer, debtor, or contract party to pay back a debt. Our experienced collection attorneys can help you limit your own liability and increase your chances of collecting the debt. If you take the debtor to court, our firm will help you secure a judgment, thereby increasing your chances of collecting the debt.

Our firm represents businesses, individuals, companies, collection agencies, media providers and other commercial and individual creditors in the collection of debts, as well as the protection and enforcement of creditor rights and remedies, including remedies when a debtor has filed for bankruptcy protection. In addition, we have a fee structure that can be tailored to your individual needs. In many cases we can take your case on a contingency basis or a modified contingency which means that we collect a percentage of the amount owed only if we succeed in recovering money for you. This form of fee structure not only allows you to limit your attorney fees but also provides you a way to hire a lawyer without a significant up front cost.

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