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For over 25 years, the team at Zane D. Smith & Associates, Ltd., has fought for our clients’ rights after serious injuries, life-altering accidents and more. With decades of trial experience and a history of client-centered legal care, our attorneys are prepared to make a difference in your life. Zane Smith has been name a “Super Lawyer” an Honor earned by only 5% of Illinois lawyers!

More Than 50 Years Of Combined Trial Experience

No one wants to go to court or have to see an attorney about legal issues. But when the occasion arises, you want to know that your lawyer will treat you with respect and compassion and that they have the skills to take your case as far as necessary. Our team includes former heads of bar association committees, regular trial litigators and other leaders in the legal community. Our past clients and our industry colleagues know our lawyers for their legal acumen and their personable and attentive client care.
Setting The Standard For Client Care In Chicagoland Personal Injury And Medical Malpractice

An Unexpected Accident Or Injury Should Not Derail Your Life

A serious car accident or misdiagnosis can suddenly mean thousands of dollars in medical bills and weeks or months away from work, not to mention the emotional cost of medical treatment and being away from your loved ones. In moments like these, you need an attorney who understands that fighting for your rights and full compensation is more than just another day’s work; it means making a substantial difference for your life and your future. We take this legal responsibility seriously and ensure that our team does everything in its power to support your recovery and maximize your financial benefits.

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Our Case Results

$10,153,284 Million

We are proud to highlight a recent landmark case where our firm secured a $10,153,284.00 million verdict on behalf of our clients…..

$3 Million

Anna, high-risk pregnancy due to previous cesarean deliveries, delivered her third child vaginally. During the delivery…..

$2.49 Million

LC, a hard-working contractor in Chicago, becomes involved in a love triangle with his estranged wife and her new Romanian real-estate broker…

$2 Million

Larry, 66 years old and retired, was cutting grass on a farm on a riding lawnmower when he stopped to fill the mower with gasoline from the onsite gas tank….

$1.5 Million

Mom, age 42 and pregnant with fraternal twins, develops an infection and is running a high fever. She goes to the emergency….

$1 Million

Plaintiff, Leon Radcliff, a 48-year-old male, was admitted to Holy Cross Hospital due to prednisone (medication that used to treat asthma symptoms) poisoning….
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