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What are the early signs of newborn brain injury?

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2023 | Birth Injuries

Parents across Illinois and the United States all hope for a healthy, safe delivery for their child. While most births fall into this category, some unfortunately do not go as planned. One of the issues babies can face after a birth that does not go as planned is a brain injury, which may be caused by medical negligence during the delivery.

Typically, brain injuries are identified at the time of birth. However, in some cases, parents may not be aware that their child suffered an injury during delivery; however, they might have suspicions based on occurrences during the birthing process or the behavior of the baby. It is important not to overlook signs that something could be amiss after the birth, which may include:

  • Abnormal stiffness or reflexes in the muscles, such as the inability to grasp;
  • Difficulty feeding, including and especially a poor sucking reflex;
  • Irritability or excessive crying;
  • Sleeping too much;
  • Irregular breathing and/or heart rate;
  • Seizures, which may present in the first few days.

It is important for a brain injury to be identified as soon as possible, as early interventions such as therapeutic hypothermia can be critical for a baby’s outlook. However, unfortunately, even if the impact is minimized through these therapies, brain damage is ultimately a permanent situation that will likely require ongoing maintenance throughout a child’s life. This can be an expensive prospect, which is why looking into the possibility of a medical negligence case as soon as possible can be a wise decision for parents in this unfortunate situation. A first step in pursuing such a case is to speak with an Illinois medical malpractice lawyer.