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Success Stories

$10,153,284 Million Awarded

We are proud to highlight a recent landmark case where our firm secured a $10,153,284.00 million verdict on behalf of our clients. This verdict was based on the following compelling facts:

In this tragic incident, two Chicago Police officers initiated a high-speed chase within a residential area of Chicago. The pursued vehicle collided with our client’s car, resulting in the driver’s untimely death and severe injuries to her daughter, a passenger in the car. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, our law office stepped in to represent both the driver’s estate and her daughter.

Throughout the legal proceedings, the defense argued that there was no chase to begin with. They argued that the entire pursuit lasted a mere 28 seconds, attempting to downplay the severity of their conduct. However, our skilled legal team diligently investigated the matter, unearthing critical evidence to present before the jury and to establish that the chasing officers’ conduct was willful and wanton.

Ultimately, the jury issued a verdict, holding both the city of Chicago and the two police officers accountable for their willful wanton conduct. The verdict established that the defendants not only initiated and conducted the pursuit, but also did so in blatant disregard for established police procedures.

$3 Million Awarded

Anna, high-risk pregnancy due to previous cesarean deliveries, delivered her third child vaginally. During the delivery, both Anna and her child die because of the negligence of the attending doctors. Zane D. Smith & Associates, Ltd., was able to achieve a $3 million settlement for her surviving children.

$2.49 Million Awarded

LC, a hard-working contractor in Chicago, becomes involved in a love triangle with his estranged wife and her new Romanian real-estate broker. The pair convince Larry to invest his life savings in Romanian real-estate deals that were fraudulent. After trial, the Court awarded a judgment of $2.49 million dollars in favor of LC. Post-judgment proceedings have involved the Romanian government and E.U. cross border issues.

$2 Million Awarded

Larry, 66 years old and retired, was cutting grass on a farm on a riding lawnmower when he stopped to fill the mower with gasoline from the onsite gas tank. What he didn’t know was that the hose had a small crack in it that caused a fine mist of vaporized gas to cover him as he was filling the tank. A brand new replacement hose was in the back of the farmer’s truck but had not been installed. When that mist hit the hot engine of the mower the explosion caused burns on 30% of Larry’s body. We were able to obtain a settlement in the amount of $2 million dollars. As a result of the money, Larry was able to obtain the medical treatment and things needed to live out the rest of his life as normal as possible.

$1.5 Million After Trial With Hi-Low Agreement

Mom, age 42 and pregnant with fraternal twins, develops an infection and is running a high fever. She goes to the emergency room and is treated for the fever and infection with antibiotics. Days later, without confirming that the infection has subsided, the antibiotics are discontinued and mom delivers prematurely.  As the first twin is delivered, he is exposed to the still-raging infection and develops a brain injury that affects the developmental stages of this child for the rest of his life. The second twin was born healthy.  The settlement money, all held for the benefit of the child, will help this boy receive the kind of care and treatment he needs throughout his lifetime.

$1.4 Million Awarded

Our Business clients owned car franchises that were not legally licensed to operate because of their lawyer’s failure to register the companies in compliance with Illinois law. After trial, the jury awarded them $1.4 million.

$1 Million Awarded

Plaintiff, Leon Radcliff, a 48-year-old male, was admitted to Holy Cross Hospital due to prednisone (medication that used to treat asthma symptoms) poisoning. After his admission to the hospital, Mr. Radcliff was given multiple doses of a medication known as Ativan, under the supervision of a hospitalist, Dr. George Kurian, to treat his heroin withdrawal symptoms. Mr. Radcliff was discharged from Holy Cross Hospital approximate 9.5 hours after the last dose of Ativan was given to him at the hospital. The discharge order came from Dr. Kurian who did not inform Mr. Radcliff that he should not operate a vehicle for at least 24 hours after taking Ativan. Mr. Radcliff was wheeled out to his car in a wheelchair, and shortly after driving from the hospital’s parking lot, crashed his vehicle into a parked car. The accident occurred about a block and half away from the hospital. Mr. Radcliff was readmitted back to Holy Cross Hospital within less than an hour of his discharge. After his readmission, it was discovered that a fracture of his rib, which he sustained in said car accident, had lacerated his liver. As a result of the liver injury, Mr. Radcliff was transferred to Rush University Medical Center. He was briefly discharged from Rush University Medical Center and readmitted several days after his discharge. Mr. Radcliff ultimately passed away about 20 days after the crash, at Rush University Medical Center due to complications of blunt trauma of chest and abdomen due to the motor vehicle striking parked cars.

During trial, Dr. Kurian and his experts argued that Mr. Radcliff was no longer under the influence of Ativan when he was discharged, that he was conscious and alert at the time of his discharge, and suggested that the symptoms that he was experiencing at the time of his readmission (i.e. dizziness, drowsiness, slurred/delayed speech) were consistent with heroin intoxication. Dr. Kurian’s counsel and experts also pointed to the drug screen that was done about an hour after Mr. Radcliff’s readmission, which indicated that he was positive for opiates. Attorneys from our firm, Zane Smith and Boris Samovalov, presented evidence, with the help of three retained experts, to establish that Mr. Radcliff’s condition was consistent with Ativan intoxication, which was still in his system. Indeed, we were able to show that because Ativan was administered multiple times throughout Mr. Radcliff’s stay at the hospital, the cumulative amount in Mr. Radcliff’s system at the time of his discharge, was greater than a single dose immediately after administration (despite the fact that the last dose was administered approximately 9.5 hours prior to discharge). Furthermore, our retained toxicologist explained to the jury that the positive drug screen was insignificant in this Case because it only indicated that Mr. Radcliff had opiates in his system and the last heroin use could have been more than 4 days before the drug screen – the drug screen could not be used to suggest that Mr. Radcliff used Heroin after his discharge. Furthermore, our retained Hospitalist confirmed that Dr. Kurian in fact deviated from the standard of care owed to Mr. Radcliff when he prematurely discharged Mr. Radcliff, when he failed to properly inform Mr. Radcliff about side effects of Ativan, and when he failed to ensure that Mr. Radcliff had proper transportation home, among other deviations. Ultimately, the jury announced a $1,000,000 verdict in favor of Mr. Radcliff’s estate, which was reduced by 49% due to Mr. Radcliff’s contributory negligence.

Experienced litigators at our firm are dedicated to taking even the most difficult cases to the finish line. If you believe that you or someone close to you was injured because of medical malpractice, do not hesitate to reach out to us for a free consultation and evaluation of your case.

$1,000,000 Awarded

Jury verdict for medical malpractice.

$956,000 Awarded

Developer of a high-rise building contracted our client to provide sales and marketing services. When the developer sold the project without paying our client we filed suit in Cook County. The Court entered judgment in favor of our client in the amount of $956,000.

$800,000 Awarded

Settlement for a suicide at Cook County Jail.