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Did an Illinois doctor cause birth injuries?

On Behalf of | May 31, 2023 | Birth Injuries

When a woman in Illinois or elsewhere enters a hospital or medical center to have a baby, she can expect to receive quality care. Things do not always go as planned during labor and delivery. A mother and baby whose care has been entrusted to a medical team should be kept as healthy and safe as possible. Sadly, medical negligence is a problem in many Illinois facilities, and birth injuries sometimes result. 

Being a proactive patient is always best and may even help avoid a potentially serious problem. Asking questions or requesting a second opinion helps a patient retain a certain amount of control over her health, as well as her baby’s. It is also wise to be aware of several key issues that can cause severe, even life-threatening birth injuries.  

Oxygen deprivation  

An infant whose brain has been deprived of oxygen during childbirth can suffer severe injury. This is often a causal factor of cerebral palsy, a condition that typically results in lifetime disability. Numerous issues can cause oxygen deprivation at birth, including low blood pressure in the mother. Placental abruption (when the placenta prematurely separates from the uterus) is another.  

Incorrect use of forceps or other birthing tools is also a common cause of birth injuries in Illinois and throughout the country. Mothers and babies are at risk if a doctor fails to order a cesarean section when one is needed or when complications arise from anesthesia. If birth injuries occur, parents may act on a child’s behalf to seek restitution for damages by filing a medical negligence claim in a civil court.