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Is your child affected by a birth injury?

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2022 | Birth Injuries

When a new baby is born, it should be a time of rejoicing and celebration for an Illinois family. While you may be overjoyed about your new arrival, complications during the delivery, before the birth or after the birth may have you concerned and unsure about your child’s future. Injuries during birth can result in harm to a baby that can impact your child for the rest of his or her life, and as the parent, you will want to know how you can advocate for his or her needs. 

There are times when birth injuries are the result of unexpected complications and unpreventable factors. However, there are situations in which a baby suffers harm due to the reckless or negligent care of a doctor or care provider. If you believe that your child is facing the long-term implications of a birth injury because of any type of medical mistake, you could have grounds to pursue recourse through the civil justice system. 

Common injuries suffered during birth 

Babies may suffer injuries for a variety of reasons during birth, and it is not always easy to determine the reason why they occurred. The following are common birth injuries that may happen as a result of a medical mistake, unnecessary intervention, lack of proper monitoring and other factors: 

  • Bruising or forceps marks – These are the result of how much force a doctor uses while using forceps in the delivery of a baby. These generally fade and improve over time. 
  • Facial paralysis – This is the result of pressure placed on a baby’s face that causes damage to the nerve. This paralysis can improve over time, but it may be long-term. 
  • Fractures – The use of force during delivery may cause harm to the baby’s bones, resulting in painful fractures. 

More serious birth injuries may result from oxygen deprivation or failure to do a C-section in a timely manner. These types of injuries can affect the long-term cognitive and physical abilities of the baby. 

What can a parent do? 

A parent may feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next after learning that their baby suffered an injury during delivery. You may benefit from a complete medical evaluation of your child in order to establish the nature of his or her injuries and gain an understanding of their long-term effect. If the birth injury is the result of a mistake or negligent care, you may seek financial compensation on behalf of your baby through a medical malpractice claim.