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Wintry weather causes serious accidents: How to stay safe

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2022 | Serious Personal Injury

Illinois gets a lot of snow and ice each winter, causing numerous vehicle accidents throughout the state every year.  Although the safest thing to do is stay home during a winter storm, some people do not have that option and must take to the roads for work or some other reason. Drivers need to understand how to best stay safe if they have to drive in inclement weather, and here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  1. Reduce speed — Snow and ice make roads slick, and drivers need to reduce their speed and not make any erratic movements to avoid spinning out of control.
  2. Increase distance — Along with slowing down, drivers need to keep their distance from other vehicles and increase the space between them and the cars in front of them. Snow and ice greatly impact how long it takes a vehicle to stop, and drivers need enough space to respond to any emergencies or hazards.
  3. Put on chains or snow tires — Drivers should also invest in snow chains or snow tires to help increase their traction in wintry weather.
  4. Clear snow and ice from cars — Drivers should also clear their vehicle’s windows, particularly the windshield, of snow and ice and even use a de-icing solution to help keep the windows clear. Also, drivers should remove any built-up snow and ice from their car’s hood and roof. A layer of snow or ice could easily dislodge during travel, putting both the car’s occupants and other motorists on the road at risk.
  5. Accelerate and brake easily and do not use cruise control — Although convenient when driving on highways, drivers should never use cruise control during wintry conditions. Drivers should use their feet to control the gas and brake pedals and not accelerate or decelerate too quickly.

Vehicle accidents can still happen no matter how many precautions a driver takes. However, following these tips can help increase a driver’s chances of staying safe on the road. Anyone who got in an accident caused by someone else in wintry weather will need to consult an experienced personal injury attorney in Illinois for help.