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The dangers of driving while drowsy

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2023 | Serious Personal Injury

Most people in Illinois are aware of the risks associated with driving while intoxicated or distracted. But some drivers may not know that driving while drowsy can also be very dangerous. Truck drivers and others who spend a lot of hours on the road can be particularly susceptible to becoming drowsy while driving. By understanding the risks of driving while drowsy, commercial drivers can take steps to prevent being involved in an accident.

Drowsy drivers may be more likely to have an accident

Driving while drowsy can cause one to fall asleep unexpectedly at any time. Drowsiness can also reduce one’s ability to concentrate on driving, negatively impact the ability to make quick decisions and slow reaction time. Commercial drivers may choose to drive when they’re drowsy because they are behind schedule, but this can put themselves and others on the road at risk.

People who sleep less than six hours per day may be more likely to fall asleep while driving. Other risk factors include taking prescription medications, experiencing a sleep disorder, working late shifts and being on the road during the night and early morning. Warning signs for drowsy driving include excessive yawning, veering out of the lane, and hitting a rumble strip. Drivers should be aware of these signs and act accordingly to prevent accidents due to drowsy driving.

Accident victims have rights

An accident involving a drowsy truck driver can significantly harm others on the road. Commercial trucks are heavy and can cause a lot of damage to smaller vehicles. Illinois accident victims have the right to seek compensation based on the extent of their injuries. A personal injury attorney can provide guidance on the next steps to take in the legal process.