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Were You Wrongfully Fired from Your Job?

I receive many calls from people have been fired or discharged from their job. It is important to know that Illinois is considered to be an at-will employment state. This means that your employer is free to fire you for any reason they want, including no reason at all. However, termination becomes a possible legal cause of action when the…

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You’ve Been Served! Now What?

There are many types of notifications of lawsuits that can occur in the state of Illinois at both the state and federal level. The most common way of notifying a defendant is through the personal service of a summons by the sheriff of the county in which the defendant resides. When you are served with a summons (i.e. an order…

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Minimum Wage and Overtime Work Violations

One of the hottest issues being discussed in the news today is the question of minimum wage. With this issue comes the question of overtime pay. What both employers and employees may not realize is that overtime pay is both a federally and state mandated issue that requires compliance, and the failure to comply with federal and state overtime pay…

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Suing the County

When you have a potential medical malpractice lawsuit against any of the county owned hospitals, such as John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital, Provident Hospital, Oak Forest Health Center, Ruth M. Rothstein CORE Center, Community Clinics Ambulatory & Community Health Network Clinic, or Cermak Health Services, there are certain things you need to keep in mind that differ from other Cook…

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Should You Sign a Sports Waiver?

Sports waivers and their enforceability in the state of Illinois is very complex and can be a very fact-specific issue. Today, most sports and sporting events will require either an express or implied waiver of liability for the participants or fans to participate in the event. For example, a visit to a climbing wall, a go-kart track or batting cage…

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