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How Do I Collect My Judgement?

Once you have won your case, received a judgment, and all of the post-trial motions are completed, the question becomes “how do I get my money?” In general, there is a misconception that once you win the lawsuit, the judge leans over the bench and hands you a check for the amount of money you’ve won. Unfortunately, it does not…

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What You Need to Know about Bike Law

Common legal questions about bike riding in Chicago. With the proliferation of bicyclists in the city of Chicago, and the city’s very conscious effort and policy of encouraging everyone to ride to work, here are the most popular questions about bike law. Q: What road laws do bicyclists have to follow? A: Bicyclists have to obey the same rules of…

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How long does the hospital have to keep that laboratory slide?

On many occasions when handling medical malpractice cases, attorneys will face the question of how long a medical institution must preserve slides, specimens, tissues or biopsies. The state of Illinois has what is referred to as the CLIA laboratory certification program. This is part of the code of federal regulations CFR 42 Part 430 that refers to federally required record…

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Why You Can’t Cheat an Honest Person

Lessons in Detecting Fraud There has been a tremendous increase in fraudulent check schemes involving attorneys and their escrow accounts. Our firm has been the target of at least 3 scam attempts this year alone. The cases involve a person, who appears to be a legitimate client, attempting to use the attorney-client relationship and the attorney escrow account to steal…

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I want a pre-nup!

The divorce of billionaire Kenneth Griffin and his spouse, Anne Dias Griffin has focused a lot of news attention on prenuptial agreements in Illinois. Engaged couples typically want to talk about the possibility of entering into a prenuptial agreement and are seeking advice as to what should be considered before executing one. Here are three rules that all couples should…

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You Are Suing Me in What County?

Jurisdictional Questions The question of jurisdiction comes up when determining which country is the proper venue to file a lawsuit. In general terms, the lawsuit should be filed in the county in which either the transaction occurred, injury occurred or defendant resides. Usually no consideration will be made as to where plaintiff resides. Jurisdictional questions are very complex. There are…

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How Much is My Case Really Worth?

In determining how much your case is worth, there are many factors to consider: Do you have the funds to pursue or defend this matter?  Is it covered by my insurance policy or policies?  How much will I actually end up getting or paying after all the fees and expenses are considered? How long will this take to complete? What…

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